Injector service orders

Welcome to InjectorTech!

The service we provide at InjectorTech is the cleaning, diagnosing faults and flow testing of petrol injectors. We have installed the very latest technology in injector servicing, the ASNU Classic GDI. InjectorTech can service all common and most less common injectors for Automotive, Marine and Motorcycle applications. We can recondition and test Top feed, Side feed, Mono point, K Jetronic and GDI injectors. Your injectors get our undivided attention as all we do is service petrol injectors - we are not just a part of another automotive service.

The only way of properly servicing injectors is off the car where they can be flowed through various RPM settings to find any intermittent faults and have their spray patterns and delivery visually checked in actual operation.

InjectorTech for:

  • Increased vehicle performance
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Extended engine Life
  • Improved drivability
  • Reduced emissions
  • Value for money

Your engine can not be properly tuned without knowing the condition of your injectors. Your injectors operate to the finest tolerances of any part on your vehicle and it only takes a very small build-up of residue, as little as 5 microns, to adversely affect the correct operation of the injector.

We offer a mail order service where you can send them to us yourself or have your garage remove and send them to us. We will attempt to receive, service and send them back out on the same day if possible, but if not, your injectors will be completed within 3 days. Our price includes next business day delivery throughout New Zealand.  Click here for prices.

Note: We do not service Diesel Injectors.


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