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Injector Services

The process your injectors will go through:

  1. On arrival your injectors are physically cleaned and checked for any visible damage.
  2. The coil impedance will be measured and recorded.
  3. They are mounted on the test rack and run through all functions to check for leaks, intermittent electrical or mechanical faults and spray pattern variation, all results are recorded on the test sheet.
  4. They are then placed on the flow rack and give a volumetric flow test with results recorded.
  5. All injectors that have no electrical or mechanical faults are then dismantled of their o rings ,filters and pintle caps and pre-cleaned in an ultrasonic bath.
  6. They are now placed in another ultra sonic bath and run through the computer controlled program for internal cleaning with them being pulsed at various pulse rates drawing the cleaning fluid right through the injector.
  7. They are now back flushed to remove all traces of the cleaning solution and any remaining debris.
  8. The injectors are reassembled with new o rings, pintlecaps and filters if required or available.
  9. They are then run through the test procedures again to check that they now meet the correct spray pattern and delivery requirements are flowing within 5% of each other .This is all recorded on the test sheet.
  10. The injectors are packaged with the test sheet and flow test results and sent back to you.

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