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There are four main types of injectors in use for automotive purposes.

Fuel injector imageBosch K JETTRONIC. Used from mid 70s to the late 80s these are mechanical injectors providing a constant regulated flow of fuel through the pintle (valve) which opens mechanically from the pressure applied. These can be flow tested and spray pattern checked but can not be cleaned as successfully as the electrically operated injectors as the pintle cannot be pulsed during cleaning. If faulty these are best replaced.
The next injectors to be used are mono point or TBI INJECTORS. These generally replaced the carburettor on the manifold as a means of metered fuel supply. As these are an electrically operated injector these can be fully tested and cleaned including the filters. At servicing these would have the O rings replaced and the filters and internal components ultrasonically cleaned. The major problem for these injectors is the build up of dirt and varnish in the filters and pintle impeding the flow of fuel. Also hardening of the O rings causing fuel or air leaks.

The injectors mostly in use today are the TOP AND SIDE FEED MPI INJECTORS. Your car will have one injector for each cylinder controlled by your cars engine management computer.  These, like the Mono point injector generally suffer from a build up of dirt and fuel residue in the filters and around the pintle causing fuel flow problems, spray pattern and fuel atomization issues, all of which can be rectified with cleaning. On servicing top feed injectors the filters are replaced as they cannot be cleaned O rings and pintle caps are also replaced. Side feed injectors also have the O rings and pintle a cap replaced but in most cases the filters can be completely cleaned.

 The next injectors are the future, GDI

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