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Return your injectors to as new condition with ASNU

Injector servicing equipment

With this test bench we can check for both electrical and mechanical faults in your injectors .It performs a pressure test on up to eight injectors at a time to indicate any leaking injectors then runs them under various RPM and Ms operations and pressures to check the coil and return spring is functioning correctly, we can visually check the spray patterns for any changes through out the operating range. The delivery volume can be tested both statically and dynamically.

Injectors are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath while the injectors are pulsed to allow them to be totally cleaned internally. With the various adaptors it can handle all injector at present in use
This machine can also test and clean GDI injectors.

With the ASNU test bench we can return most injectors back to there original factory specifications the only ones that can’t be improved are those with electrical faults or mechanical damage such as internal rust.

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